Machine learning could make flying less terrible – VentureBeat

VentureBeat Machine learning could make flying less terribleVentureBeatWhile some industries — health, retail, manufacturing, automotive — have adopted machine learning in recent years and used it to transform their businesses, our sector has fallen behind. What the private aviation industry … Read More

Bullied robots, ‘flying cars’ and apps for addicts – CNNMoney

CNNMoney Bullied robots, ‘flying cars’ and apps for addictsCNNMoneyThey’re using machine learning, apps, and online support networks to offer modern alternatives to AA. Meanwhile, Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and while technology can’t replace human beings, the USC Shoah Foundation … Read More

Society ‘flying blind’ over robots’ impact on jobs – Financial Times

Financial Times Society ‘flying blind’ over robots‘ impact on jobsFinancial TimesThe Nature paper, co-authored by Tom Mitchell, a professor of machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, calls on governments to build a new data-gathering infrastructure, in some cases tapping into … Read More