Captain Comics: It’s time to brush up on ‘The Inhumans’ – Arkansas News

Arkansas News Captain Comics: It’s time to brush up on ‘The Inhumans’Arkansas NewsThey could be activated by a chemical trigger found in “Terrigen Crystals.” Each Inhuman responds differently to “Terrigenesis,” as the triggering process is called, developing not only unique … Read More

Business news in brief – Arkansas Online

Business news in briefArkansas OnlineNamed the O-R3, the patrol car can navigate on its own using machine–learning algorithms. Police can control the robot remotely from behind a computer dashboard. The vehicle also comes equipped with thermal imaging and license plate … Read More

Startup growing robot business – Arkansas Online

Arkansas Online Startup growing robot businessArkansas Ltd., an Israeli startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the private tech market, says Flux’s offering “poses significant disruption in their relevant space,” but that the price of the … Read More