Automated future: Computers and robotics already changing retail and the workplace – Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun Automated future: Computers and robotics already changing retail and the workplaceVancouver SunMachine learning, a subfield of computer science where machines learn a task without being programmed for it, and neural networks, where computers model the way a human … Read More

PyTorch — The Future of Machine Learning Frameworks? – Fossbytes

Short Bytes: PyTorch is a Python-based Machine Learning library with GPU support. It can be used as easily as NumPy and is built upon the famous Torch library. The main feature is that Neural Networks can be built dynamically making … Read More

How this chatbot powered by machine learning can help with your taxes – VentureBeat

Tax season is around the corner, and for most Americans, it involves dealing with the complex tax code, an accountant, and maybe friends who claim to be tax experts. According to IRS statistics, there were 507 million visitors to the … Read More

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Machine learning is revolutionizing the way we use information. From programming self-driving cars to crunching stock market data, machine learning and its related fields are opening the doors to new technologies as well as high-paying professions. Pick up the Machine Learning … Read More

How To Fight Killer Robots – Seeking Alpha

Welcome to the Terminator issue of M&A Daily Google Google (GOOG/GOOGL), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), and now Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are teaming up against any potential Skynet. Their Partnership on Artificial Intelligence confronts the issues in the … Read More

A Machine Learning Approach to Log Analytics – DZone News

Opening a Kibana dashboard at any given time reveals a simple and probably overstated truth — there are simply too many logs for a human to process. Sure, you can do it the hard way, debugging issues in production by … Read More

Manufacturing jobs are finally returning to North America…for robots –

Amazon fulfillment centres use robots for a growing number of tasks. (Brandon Bailey/AP) Let’s start with the good news: manufacturing is returning to North America. It is called “re-shoring” and is happening for several reasons. Chief among these is … Read More

Service robots start jobs at airports and hotels to combat future ‘labor shortages’ –

Panasonic has started testing out its HOSPI service robots at Narita International Airport to help combat what it calls “labor shortages” in the country. The Dalek-style robots greet customers with a smiley face-on-a-screen and have been put in place by … Read More

Machine Learning In Your Smartphone Is The Megatrend Of 2017 – Lifehacker Australia

Machine learning in 2017 will elevate the smartphone to a virtual assistant which knows what you want before you do, according to forecasts by Deloitte. … Read More

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